At Stellar Insurance Brokers we understand the true value of an insurance policy is only realised when it’s time to make a claim. That’s why we make the claims process as smooth and as stress-free as possible for our clients. 

We have a dedicated Claims Officer, Hellen Cashman, who is there to make sure every claim is handled with care, efficiency and expertise.  

In the event of a claim we ask that you contact us as soon as it is safe to do so. During working hours call 1300 270 280 and ask to speak to our Claims Officer, Hellen Cashman. If your claim occurs outside business hours and you need to contact us urgently, Hellen is available 24/7 to help you on 0407 011 431. In the event our Claims Officer is not contactable, please call Mike Pappalardo – Managing Director – 0412 825 782.


  • Never admit liability for a claim against you, even if you think you are at fault. To do so could result in the Insurer reducing or denying your claim.
  • Do not repair or replace damaged property without speaking to us first, except for temporary emergency repairs (see next point)
  • You must, wherever possible, minimise further loss or damage and secure the premises. You may need to engage an overnight security guard to protect remaining or undamaged goods if the premises cannot be secured immediately (note, this is usually covered by your insurance policy).
  • Where possible, retain damaged property for inspection.
  • Please report malicious damage, vandalism, theft or lost property to the police and obtain a police report or report number.
  • Motor vehicle accidents should be reported to the police in accordance with current regulations and in any event when one or more people have been injured. 

 If your claim is not urgent, you can complete the form below and Hellen will be in touch with you within one working day. 


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