Stellar Insurance Brokers has worked closely with a member of the organising industry and an Australian insurer to develop an insurance policy especially for Professional Organisers and Concierges.

We have identified that the core insurance requirements in your industry are Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

To make things as simple as possible we have developed an online proposal form for Professional Organisers and Concierges.  We hope this form makes the application process for industry members easier, and shows our commitment to working with you in the future.

Please complete the Professional Organisers Proposal form here for a no obligation quotation for your Professional Organiser and Concierge insurance.

We can also assist you with other insurances, such as home and contents (including cover for your home office), general property for portable items such as laptops/mobile phones or cover for customer vehicles that you may drive (eg: to and from a service). If you would like a quote on any of these policies, please email us here or call 1300 270  280 and speak to Rachael Hirsch, your dedicated Account Manager, who is always happy to help.

Rachael has worked closely with one of our clients and has created a content video on “Your Insurance Questions Answered” specifically for professional organisers and the insurance policy we offer as part of our scheme.

In a world where more people take the time to complain, I wanted to take the time to email you and compliment two of your staff. 

I contacted Rachael Hirsch in February of this year to enquire about Professional Organisers insurance for my new business. Rachael was wonderful to work with an explained what Stellar could offer me. I thanked Rachael for her help but at the time I chose to go with the IOPO group cover for 3 months with another broker until their yearly renewal date of July 1st. 

During that time my business diversified into offering grant writing services and my IOPO cover didn’t cover that. I emailed Rachael again on the 22nd June with 8 days left of my current cover and Kirsty Dowell got back to me.

I also approached the broker that manages the IOPO cover and a local broker here on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. I appreciated that Kirsty was able to present me with three cover options in 7 days and took the time to detail the differences in an email and then patiently answered my questions via phone. 

Kirsty’s manner to support me to understand the different cover options helped me make an informed decision and was part of the reason I chose to purchase cover through Stellar. 

I had planned to just write the thank you about Kirsty but I was reminded that if I hadn’t had such a lovely experience with Rachael previously wouldn’t have come back to you when my current cover didn’t meet my needs. You never know when a “no client” may come back as a future “yes client”. 

Congratulations on building such a strong customer service culture within your organisation.